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“Storytelling is the primary civilizing instrument in culture,” Mckee says. He then quotes Aristotle: “‘When the storytelling goes bad in society, the result is decadence.’ The way out,” he continues, “is through great storytelling. It sensitizes society to the humanity in other people. Writers of the 21st Century will have to work harder". ROBERT MCKEE

McKee former students have won:

28 Academy Awards
98 + Nominations
141 Emmy Awards
476 + Nominations

And they have written:
Get Ticket
Story by Robert Mckee

A Beautiful Mind Lord of the Rings I, II, III The Incredible Hulk Enchanted
CSI Law & Order Cinderella Man Gates of Fire (novel)
Iron Man "The Simpsons" Movie The Daily Show Grey's Anatomy
The Overlook (novel) Amarillo Slim (2008) Cars Shrek
The DaVinci Code X-Men I Am Legend Ratatouille
Finding Nemo Scrubs The Last Mimzy Man and Boy (novel)
Bobby Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest  


Robet Mckee is coming to Chile in April, 2009!
You are invited to attend this amazing and outstanding 4-day seminar in Santiago!
First time in Latin America!

The date: The Mckee's STORY Seminar is from Saturday April 25th
through Tuesday 28th, 2009.

From 8:30am through 8:30pm.

The place: The Oriente Theatre, Uptown Santiago (Chile), borough of Providencia.

Hotels and services in Santiago
Sernatur. Chilean official tourism office


For over 15 years, Robert McKee's Story Seminar has been the world's ultimate writing class for over 50,000 screenwriters, filmmakers, TV writers, novelists, industry executives, actors, producers, directors and playwrights.
Over four intense days (in Santiago), McKee's Story Seminar effectively demonstrates the relationship between story design and character. Quality story structure demands creativity; It cannot be reduced to simple formulas that impose a rigid number of mandatory story elements. Robert McKee's course teaches you the principles involved in the art and craft of screenwriting and story design, and proves the essence of good story is unchanging and universal. Whether on the big screen, on television, in novels, on stage and in ALL creative work, everything works in the shadow of classic story design.

Structure is Character

Characters are what they do. Story events impact the characters, and the characters impact events. Actions and reactions create revelation and insight, opening the door to a meaningful emotional experience for the audience.

Story is what elevates a movie, transforming a good film into a great one. Movie-making is a collaborative endeavor -- requiring great skill and talent by the entire cast, crew, and creative team -- but the screenwriter is the only original artist on a film.

Everyone else -- the actors, directors, cameramen, production designers, editors, special effects wizards, and so on -- are interpretive artists, trying to bring alive the world, the events, and the characters that the screenwriter has invented and created.

Robert McKee's Story Seminar is a comprehensive, superbly organized exploration of all elements, from the basics to advanced concepts. It is a practical course, presenting new perspectives on the craft of storytelling, not just for the screenwriter but for the novelist, playwright, journalist, and non-fiction writers of all types.

We invite you to join us for three stimulating and information-packed days with Robert McKee as he reveals the essential elements of story design that help separate great stories from the rest of the pack. Using examples from over 100 films, in addition to television shows and novels, Robert McKee demonstrates why structure and story design are about form and principles, not formulas and rules.

Each 4-day Story event runs Saturday, Saunday, Monday and Tuesday, beginning at 9:00am and closing at 8:00 pm each day.

Two-time Academy Award-winning screenwriter William Goldman wrote, in his most recent book, "It's three full days over a single weekend, and no one feels cheated when he's done. I wish he had been around when I started writing CUT TO for a living."

Bestselling novelist Steve Pressfield simply said, "McKee is not only the best teacher of writing I've ever had, but the best teacher of anything."

"About the only Hollywood notable not to have
taken the STORY SEMINAR is Steven Spielberg."
The New York Times

"Near legendary"
The Washington Post

"No question, McKee's Story Structure is the gran courso di tutti coursi in town."
Los Angeles Times Magazine

"I am more convinced than ever that [screenplays are] only about story. [McKee] is a
tireless speaker, knowledgeable and passionate - it's three full days over a single
weekend and no one feels cheated when he's done... After listening to him, I wish he'd
been around when I started writing CUT TO for a living."
William Goldman
Two-time Academy Award winning screenwriter.
Screenwriting credits include Misery, All the President's Men,
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Princess Bride, etc.

"McKee is not only the best teacher of writing I've ever had,
but the best teacher of anything."
Bestselling novelist Steve Pressfield

Get Ticket

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